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Free Weights & Machine Weights

Strength training uses resistance to build strength and endurance. Our huge space and select kit offers you a wide range to choose from.

Watt Bikes – Watt are you waiting for?

Pembrokeshire elite training facility with Watt Bikes. We love them that much! The Watt-bike was created by British Cycling to provide an indoor bike for training and testing that felt like a real bike. This bike is for everyone, it can also measure your power output, peddling technique and heart rate.

High Intensity Functional Training

H.I.F.T is a very effective way of training. While training multiple muscle groups you do not just burn high amount of fat but also work on strength, core stabilization, balance and flexibility.

Director and Head Coach Brett Sheppard is set on a mission to bring life-changing results to Pembrokeshire. Brett is the creator of B-FIT Health & Fitness and the B-Fit training/nutrition systems. Brett is an experienced and highly qualified coach with 10 years experience in the industry and has a huge passion for helping others with their training and nutrition. Brett has been established for his incredible results with body transformations and excellent healthcare with clients.


Brett is a competitive athlete with wins under his belt for his incredible symmetrical and conditioned physique he brings to the stage. He has worked hard on systems that are proven to work and brought them to B-FIT. With exceptional knowledge in this field, Brett knows how to get you to your desired body shape resulting in quality, lean muscle and low body fat reading.


Over the last few years, he has worked with hundreds of people to transform the body, enhance performance and create everlasting results. Using his tried and tested principles Brett has created a blueprint to help build muscle, get lean and drop body fat in a healthy and efficient manner.


His aim for B-FIT clients is to transform their quality of life through active participation in strength and functional training while empowering them with skills, support and guidance.

Achieve your Goals!

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    Nutrition Plan

    A tailored Nutrition Plan designed around your goal and lifestyle.

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    Workout Schedule

    With over 40 coaching sessions per week we can work it around any busy schedule

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    Development & Support

    You will not be alone, our highly skilled coaches and nutrition specialists will be holding you accountable.

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    Get Results!

    B-Fit Guarantees Results! Check Brett's track record and portfolio!

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