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About B-Fit

Our Values

B-Fit is a complete nutrition, exercise and wellness studio where Brett and his team follow the exact formula on exercise and nutrition that allowed Brett and 1000’s of his clients to achieve results that at the start seemed impossible.

This is your chance to get the results you want and deserve in a non-intimidating, all level environment and follow the structure and guidance that has helped so many before you.

Bret understands how intimidating it can be to step foot in the gym for the first time and to complete your first exercise session.

This is why B-Fit is different from the rest and why B-Fit will be able to help so many people fulfill their goals as its the opposite to other gyms and health clubs. Every workout, every phase of your nutrition plan is structured to you. It’s specific to where you are right now and not a generic program.

This is why he can get so many people phenomenal results because everything is monitored and assessed to the individual.

Who is Brett?

B-Fit is founded by local fitness expert Brett Sheppard. As a teenager, Brett struggled with his weight and had constant battles with food and exercise.

It was these struggles that led Brett into researching more and more into healthy nutrition and exercise. Sifting through the amount of junk found on losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle Brett managed to put together a formula through education and research that completely transformed his life.

This journey had completely changed his life and it is this passion and expertise that has allowed him to carve out a career in the health and fitness industry and transform 1000’s of people lives through his personal training, group coaching and online training programs. This transformation allows Brett to fully understand and connect with his client base on the struggles of losing weight and getting healthy.

He understands the frustration and stress following a healthy diet plan can create. He understands the struggles and challenges you will face when wanting to make a positive change. And most importantly he understands how to get there.

After setting up and establishing a successful personal training business in Cardiff, Brett is now fulfilling another ambition and to help transform the lives of people in Pembrokeshire who have struggled with their health and fitness goals.

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