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Gym Memberships Pembrokeshire

Gym Memberships At B-Fit

Whether you're just starting out on your new weight-loss journey, you're training for a new adventure or just want a friendly, supportive environment to meet new friends and keep active, our Gym Membership is a great place to start.

Membership is £35 per month , with a £25 sign up fee and gives you access to a whole host of amazing benefits!

» Access to our facilities 24/7, 365 days a year.

» Access to the B-Fit Facebook Support Group where you have access to an online coach for advice on your training.

» Access to 2 small group coaching sessions each month.

Visiting Pembrokeshire?

We have day prices available for those who have come to enjoy our beautiful county and want to keep in shape during their visit. Drop us an email to find out more about our visitor prices!


Initial Consultation & Health Check


Nutrition & Meal Planning Advice


Training Plan & Calorie Guide

Small Group Coaching

£65 Per Month (Including Full Gym Membership)

Our Small Group Coaching training sessions are tightly-run training sessions of anything from 8-12 people where we teach you how to move properly with correct form and technique, we give you the skillset and confidence you need to train correctly. We are by your side every step of the way. Not only that, we teach you discipline and self-development skills that will last you a lifetime.

It’s no secret that to transform your body shape regular training is needed and we have found optimal results come from 3 sessions per week. These sessions are for everyone who wants to lose body fat and add lean muscle and generally look good all year round.

The B-Fit Body Transformation group sessions make these transformations possible for everyone without the higher investment in Semi-private and Personal Training.

Before commencing on the B-Fit Body Transformation program you will have an in-depth consultation and we will devise a training schedule, along with Basic nutrition plan and guidance throughout your membership.

Semi-Private Coaching (3-4 People)

£159 Per Month (Including Full Membership)

Our semi-private personal training is perfect for those who live that busy lifestyle but want to make a change, who are fed up with the way they feel and ready to invest in themselves.

As well as a full gym membership, the package involves you following a unique program designed specifically for you while sharing your session with 3-4 other like-minded people with the same goal.

Having a personal trainer and nutritionist on hand to ensure you are following the program effectively, motivate and hold you accountable for a fraction of the cost of having a 1:1 trainer is proving to be an extremely popular program requested from our B-Fit members.

As well as all the Free B-Fit Extra Sessions you also get Bespoke Nutrition Plan as well as fortnightly meetings with our nutritionist.

1-to-1 Coaching

£80 Per Week (Including Full Membership)

If your interested in the highest quality of personal training available, then 1-1 coaching is for you.

Personal training is the fastest and most time efficient way to achieve your goals. You are lent the full attention of our most experienced and dedicated coaches with years of experience. Not only will they guide you through meticulously programmed training sessions, but will also be able to help you in every other aspect of your Heath and wellbeing.

With advice and knowledge on diet and lifestyle tips to help you make the most out of your time and achieve that goal as quickly as possible. Another huge upside of personal training is the session can be completely tailored to your goals and ability as it’s just you in the session.

We have a wide variety of clients trained on a one to one basis, ranging from people focused on fat loss and fitness improvements. All the way to injury rehabilitation of people with life changing injuries. All the way to high level Iron man athletes and triathletes. Whatever your goal or ability is, personal training is the best way forward and will achieve you the best results in the shortest time. 

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