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Viv's Success Story

"During the locked down periods support has been available from Brett and his outstanding team."

"A few thoughts on being back at it. 

Where to start, what a 12 months it’s been. Locked down allowed back, just getting into the swing of things and locked down again. At last the return to B Fit was allowed. 12th May at 6am having been practising early getups for a couple of weeks and the climb up the stairs to the gym.

Brett was clearly excited to be seeing his customers again.

Straight back into it and boy did it feel good. Small group coaching three mornings a week. Left to my own devices I would never motivate myself to stick to an exercise plan.
The pictures show my gradual change of shape over the previous few months.
No access to gyms and I’d set myself a target of 10k plus steps a day for the year having been stepping in January for two local charities.
During the locked down periods support has been available from Brett and his outstanding team. Be it Zoom classes, WhatsApp groups or messenger.

The support has been there.

For the last 4 weeks I have been involved in a group tracking food and exercise. Following the recommended calorie and protein intake I’m finding I have more energy not hitting calorie max every day yet not having hunger pangs and eating junk. It’s not a diet. I have not reduced my calorie intake, nor stopped drinking beer.

Gym and the word B-Fit may put a lot of people off having a look at what is on. All I can say is that as someone that has always carried a few extra planks of timber that I don’t regret taking up one of Brett’s invites."

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